Welcome to Hundholmen Brygghus - our largest restaurant and nightclub

Come as you are, whether you are dressed in a suit or jeans, and enjoy tasty food and home-brewed beer. As you enter Hundholmen's universe, you are greeted by a rough, tough and informal atmosphere.

Mat på fjøl på Hundholmen Brygghus
Mann på bryggeri

Hundholmen Brygghus is spread over two floors, and houses a bar, a restaurant, a pub, and last but not least - a brewery.

On the second floor there is a separate bar, two shuffle boards, a function room for up to 30 people, and a brewery. Here, we brew our own beer – and our ambition is to always be able to offer 3-4 different self-produced beers. On the weekends we often have our own DJ who makes sure to set the right mood.

Folk og fest på Hundholmen Brygghus
Opplyst fasade på Hundholmen Brygghus

The restaurant is located on the ground floor. In the restaurant section you can choose from a wide selection of starters, main courses and desserts from our à la carte menu. For larger parties and special occasions, we can recommend “Smaken av Hundholmen”, a 5-course tasting menu. In the pub we offer a separate menu, consisting of rough flavors and good traditional food made from scratch. All our menus are updated frequently, and always contain elements of local ingredients.

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Tollbugata 13
8006 Bodø


Telefon: 48 50 27 27
E-post: post@hundholmenbrygghus.no